North Korea - Through the Eyes of Nordic Artists


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A program about life in North Korea through the eyes of two Nordic Artists.

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Life in North Korea - Through the Eyes of Two Nordic Artists

The Swedish writer and music playwright Ekman and the Norwegian director and artist Traavik have both made art works based on journeys to North Korea. They share reflections from their travels and discuss the relation between art and political power. Traavik's film Liberation Day is about a tour with the ex-Yugoslavian industrial band Laibach that Traavik organized in North Korea. Together with the artist Magnus Bärtås, Ekman has written "All monsters must die", about a conducted tour to North Korea and about a North Korean kidnapping of two South Korean fimmakers in 1978


About the participants


Fredrik Ekman has written several books together with the artist Magnus Bärtås, including a biography of the Italian writer Gabriele D'Annunzio and the essay collection “Orienterarsjukan och andra berättelser”. Morten Traavik works across a wide range of artistic genres and international borders. His view of the world as a stage and of identity as a role-playing game is never far away in his work. Nor are his characteristically blurred boundaries between art, activism and social issues. He has published two books on his North Korean experiences, "Traitor's Guide to North Korea" (2018) and "Liberation Days - Laibach and North Korea" (2019). 

foto av föreläsarna
Foto av Traavik: Dmitrijs Sulžics, Foto av Ekman: Hans Christiansson